Welcome to Online Fire Safety Training

Online Fire Safety Training proves high quality fire safety training and e-learning at low cost via our internet based training platform. Our e-learning programs are designed to ensure clients meet Fire and Health & Safety training requirements with minimal disruption to their working day.

Our programs are designed to solve the problems businesses face meeting health and safety training requirements; the cost, getting everyone in one place and the hassle it can cause. Our online Fire and Health & Safety e-learning allows the training to be completed when time permits and reduces the need to take people away from productive tasks.

An average time to complete our e-learning courses is approximately 30-45 minutes. All the e-learning is divided into modules.  Training is assessed via in course testing and a pass marks are required to complete the courses. Should a delegate fail, they can repeat the course until they understand and can meet the pass mark.

As all the courses are online they benefit from constant updates to ensure the content remains accurate to any changing legislation.

All our training includes a management system to keep track of who has completed the course. It stores all certificates and keeps a running history of when each person was trained and when they are next due to be trained again. You can see in an instant; who has started, how far they are through the course and who has completed it. The system keeps track of when each person completes training and stores a digital certificate of completion for your records.